There’s been a lot of talk lately of designer (non-prescription) sunglasses and “if they’re worth it”. Even on a national morning news show the hype has the most popular anchor asking questions. Is a $5.00 drugstore sunglass just as good as the $200.00 brand name sunglass you can buy at an ophthalmic retail store? The answer is no. That’s right, I said it. No. Where the media will have you believe that the same manufacturer makes all sunglasses, they do not. In fact most of what you find in the big box stores and drugstores are mass-produced, stamped out frames with less than optically correct acrylic lenses in them. Sure they may have UVA and UVB protection but is it worth jeopardizing your vision? Drugstore Polarized lenses may not be all they’re cracked up to be either. Polarization film in lenses has to be lined up correctly to work properly. In mass-produced polarized lenses it remains to be seen if the filter you are paying for is even placed in the lenses correctly. The designer sunglasses you find in optical chains and doctor offices are frames that come from companies who back their products, who have quality inspections and warranties to protect the consumer. Do they cost more? Yes. Are you getting UVA and UVB protection? Yes. Is your vision going to be impaired by them? No. Are you paying for branding and marketing? Yes. But do you have a favorite brand of coffee, soap, and shampoo? Why pay less for something that is made cheaply, can’t be adjusted properly, and breaks after a short time, not to mention isn’t optically good for your vision? When you buy a designer sunglass you know you are buying a good product, a product that is made to protect your vision and fit well. So the next time you buy a designer sunglass feel good that you are not settling for a poorly made product but instead making the best choice for your eyes.
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